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We help with the design and installation of "larger" audio-visual systems. From complicated home systems that might encompass multiple locations (media from main home to vacation home far away) to night clubs and offices that require many different components to be tied together in one common controlled system (public address - music reinforcement - video monitors - video projectors - lighting - window and curtain controls - heating and cooling)


For clients with a great number of photographs and/or documents we offer our expertise in organizing and undertaking the conversion into digital storage with a very strong emphasis on "organizing." We find that most often the value gained in a digital archive is in how it is organized and presented to the end user. We have, in house, document scanners and large format bed scanners.

We also offer digital mastering and archiving with a focus on transferring old analog tapes to high quality digital storage. We specialize in working with tapes that are in poor shape because of age and storage conditions. We transfer both video and audio tapes, working with all formats and saving to all digital formats. We use state of the art converters and spend a great deal of time on preparing tapes to be archived. We have years of experience with cleaning, baking, lubricating and other preservation techniques. Logging and documenting is also a large segment of this service

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